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Our Mission is to ensure that each student develops a passion for learning through challenging curricula; rigorous academic standards; innovative, stimulating educational environments, and a passion so that education is a lifelong pursuit.

School Vision

Parents and Educators working together empower Students to achieve.

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SPOT Clinic

Building on years of successful experience working with youth at The SPOT, Washington University/The SPOT recently received funding to pilot the implementation of a school-based health center in Jennings High School (JSBHC). The creation of the JSBHC will build-on and mirror The SPOT’s effective model of providing integrated multi-disciplinary medical health, behavioral health and social services in coordination with community partner organizations.

School-based health centers provide accessible, affordable, and high-quality physical, behavioral and oral health care to youth. The purpose of school-based health centers is to keep youth healthy, in school, and ready to learn. School-based health centers help schools do their job of educating, by improving the health and well-being of students and addressing health issues that interfere with learning. Programs are designed to promote healthy choices, prevent disease, and intervene early when problems arise.
Jennings College & Career Prep Academy is focused on academic success. Students are responsible for End of Course Exams in a number of content areas which are extremely important to determining mastery of the content. Attached you will find the Pacing Guide for tested areas:

Algebra I


English 10

American Government

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